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Lerner, Jesse (Nombre personal)

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Cine mexperimental, c1998: p. 2 (Jesse Lerner)

Wikipedia, March 2, 2017 (Jesse Lerner is a filmmaker of documentaries and short films, and a writer based in Los Angeles. He has also curated film and photography exhibitions at the National Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Robert Flaherty Seminar. His books include F is for Phony (with Alexandra Juhasz), a survey of faked documentaries, The Shock of Modernity, The Maya of Modernism and The Mexperimental Cinema (with Rita Gonzalez))

Catherwood Project, 2017: ECIP t.p. (Jesse Lerner) data view (b. Apr. 13, 1962)

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